COVID-19 Protocols

Before/After every client:

Every surface in the treatment room including desk, chairs, tools/equipment, door handles, light switch, treatment table and face rest are wiped down with Health Canada approved disinfectant.


Cash will not be accepted at this time. Receipts will be emailed, not printed. Mastercard, VISA, and e-transfer are the only accepted methods of payment at this time. If choosing e-transfer, please send your payment to:

  • Clients will be emailed or text messaged a day or two before their appointment to be informed about their responsibilities, if they are new/have not seen us since Pre-COVID.
  • Clients will receive an emailed COVID-19 screening questionnaire / consent 2 days prior to their appt which is mandatory and to be completed before every appointment.
  • Clients are required to reschedule appts if they experience what they determine to be feeling unwell on the day of their appt. Late cancellation fees will not be charged.
  • As part of questionnaire/consent form, clients acknowledge that while we’ve taken many measures to minimize risk of viral transmission, the nature of treatment means that physical distancing is not possible in the treatment room and therefore risk of COVID-19 transmission cannot be reduced to zero.
  • Please leave all non-essential items in your car. (ie. jacket, water bottle, hats, shopping bags etc) Purses are permitted.
  • Please Arrive with a mask already on and be prepared to wear your mask for the entire duration of the treatment.
  • Immediately upon entering the clinic space, the client must use the hand sanitizer provided in the waiting room before touching anything in the clinic or go straight to the washroom and wash hands with soap.
  • Please arrive already wearing a face mask and to wear it for the duration of the entire treatment. This is mandatory, there are no exceptions. If you are unable to wear a mask for the duration of your treatment, we are unable to treat you at this time.
  • Please leave all non-essential items in your car. (ie. jacket, water bottle, hats, food, groceries etc) Purse/small bag permitted

Waiting Area

  • A maximum of 2 people allowed in waiting room. If there are 2 people in the waiting area already, please wait outside. The practitioner will either call/text you, or come outside to find you.
  • The Practitioner and the Client will both maintain a space of 6 feet distance between each other in all clinic areas outside the treatment room.
  • Clients are asked to arrive no earlier than 10 min prior to their appointment unless the practitioner has informed them to come early.

Within Treatment Room

  • Clients are asked to place all personal belongings on the chair they are sitting on after getting changed, which will be sanitized between patients. Shoes should remain on the floor. No personal items should ever be placed on a desk/table surfaces.
  • Please do not touch your face or touch any sores or broken skin while at the clinic, even if you have washed/sanitized.
  • Always cough or sneeze into your elbow, even while wearing your mask.
  • If you must use a tissue to blow your nose, use hand sanitizer afterwards.
  • Please use the hand sanitizer in the waiting room when you arrive.
  • In the event that there has been a COVID-19 exposure at the clinic location (Vancouver Island Osteopathy), whether or not your practitioner (Andrew Kerr or Brittany Allinson) have been directly exposed, or indirectly exposed, all clients will be contacted immediately and asked to monitor symptoms and seek testing. If Andrew or Brittany become exposed outside of the workplace and/or develop symptoms that could be COVID-19 and/or test positive, all clients will be contacted that may have been exposed. 
  • If you have any questions regarding this, please call or email Brittany @ or call/text (250) 218-7082