Tuina Massage & Cupping

Only Offered by Dr. Andrew Kerr

50 min ~ $90
Hands massaging someone’s back

Tuina Massage

Chinese massage (Tuina) uses the diagnostic tools available to the practitioner within the TCM system. In diagnosis, there is a holistic view of the illness rather than an isolated region of pain for example. In particular, the meridian system is used to understand the nature of the illness as it relates to the body.

There are many techniques in Tuina and they are chosen based on condition and patient comfort. Typically there are three stages to a Tuina treatment. Stage 1: Relax the surface muscles and those related to the complaint. Stage 2: Treat the reason for the visit with deeper techniques and often this is related to specific injured muscles. Stage 3: Relax the body and improve circulation to aid in recovery. In this way, the treatment may be less intense than other forms of massage. Individual experience will vary based on personal comfort. The treatment can be adapted to people who are more sensitive or for those who like a stronger treatment.


Cupping is a modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that involves a glass cup. With forceps, a cotton ball soaked in 99% alcohol, is lit on fire, placed into the glass cup to burn off most of the oxygen, then placed onto the body without the fire. The vacuum which is created from the fire, sucks skin slightly up into the cup, creating a pulling sensation. Cupping has traditionally been used to detoxify the body, relieve muscular pain, and improve circulation.