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Please Note: We are No Longer offering group setting Community Acupuncture Services.

50 min ~ $90

Private Acupuncture is offered in a private treatment room. Treatment includes consultation, cupping, acupuncture and a short massage at the end of the treatment.

50 min ~ $90

No Needles! Now offering Laser Acupuncture. This treatment modality goes by a few different names and great for promoting healing, reducing pain and inflammation while being non-invasive and with very little to no side effects. Click through to learn more. 🙂

50 min ~ $90

Chinese massage (Tuina) uses the meridian system to understand the nature of the illness within the body. There are many techniques in Tuina and they are chosen based on the condition and patient comfort. *Only Offered by Dr. Andrew Kerr

Frequently Asked Questions

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) began in China thousands of years ago. In TCM, health is considered to be more than the freedom of illness. Health is assessed through clinical observations and a client interview. A broad goal of Chinese Medicine is to optimize health and improve the functions of the body with treatment and lifestyle recommendations. Our goal is to bring the body as close as we can to its most healthy state. There are many medical modalities to help us reach our goals.

A broad range of treatment specialties evolved over time providing clients with a comprehensive medical system. Treatment is selected based on the individual conditions and the nature of the illness.

Read further to understand some of the treatment modalities of TCM.

Typically a treatment will begin with an interview to collect relevant information about the medical history and the current condition. Treatment will often begin with some cupping or massage to help the body to relax and get comfortable. Needles can be placed in most areas of the body but arms, legs and the back are the areas most commonly used for treatment. The needles are very thin and most people enjoy their treatment not only for the benefits but additionally find it very rejuvenating and relaxing. Treatment is often finished with a short massage to help improve circulation and recovery.

This can be a difficult question to answer because each individuals experience can be broadly different depending on their level of sensitivity and condition. However, for the average person the amount of pain experienced from acupuncture is minimal and the reward is often significant. A common response is sleeping during treatment due to the level of relaxation or surprise due  to not even feeling the needles when they are inserted. The needles are extremely thin and are about the thickness of a hair.

Chinese massage (Tuina) uses the diagnostic tools available to the practitioner within the TCM system. In diagnosis, there is a holistic view of the illness rather than an isolated region of pain for example. In particular, the meridian system is used to understand the nature of the illness as it relates to the body.

There are many techniques in Tuina and they are chosen based on condition and patient comfort. Typically there are three stages to a Tuina treatment. Stage 1: Relax the surface muscles and those related to the complaint. Stage 2: Treat the reason for the visit with deeper techniques and often this is related to specific injured muscles. Stage 3: Relax the body and improve circulation to aid in recovery. In this way, the treatment may be less intense than other forms of massage. Individual experience will vary based on personal comfort. The treatment can be adapted to people who are more sensitive or for those who like a stronger treatment.

Cupping is a modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that involves a glass cup. With forceps, a cotton ball soaked in 99% alcohol, is lit on fire, placed into the glass cup to burn off most of the oxygen, then placed onto the body without the fire. The vacuum which is created from the fire, sucks skin slightly up into the cup, creating a pulling sensation. Cupping has traditionally been used to detoxify the body, relieve muscular pain, and improve circulation.

The ear is viewed as a Microsystem within Traditional Chinese Medicine. If you look at the ear, it looks like an inverted fetus. Ie. the head is the earlobe, fingers and toes are near the top of the ear etc. Therefore, the ear can be used to treat the whole body, ranging from pain to internal disease.

Ear acupressure involves placing small seeds with surgical tape on specific ear acupressure points which are left on the ear for up to 4-5 days. The patient is able to self treat by applying pressure to the seeds throughout the day.

Ear Acupuncture involves placing needles for the duration of the treatment which the practitioner then removes before the client leaves the clinic. Alternatively, tacks may be placed with surgical tape, which are very short needles, which stay on the ear 1-2 days, at which point the client removes them at home.

TCM is a comprehensive medical system that can benefit a broad scope of illness. This medical system has been in place to treat its people for thousands of years. In North America it is best known for the treatment of pain. Often treatment will resolve or reduce many issues related to pain. In addition to treating pain the World Health Organization (WHO) has documented many other conditions that can benefit such as headaches, nausea, vomiting, hay fever, dysmenorrhea, baby in breach and many more. You are invited to email us if you have questions related to your specific conditions.